A patient from NeuroEM’s clinical trial and her husband. She is wearing a MemorEM head device

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a devastating disease of brain aging that causes progressive, severe memory loss. There is no effective “drug” to prevent or treat AD and we believe that it is unlikely that any will be developed in the near future. Therefore, other therapeutic interventions are desperately needed.

To meet this need, NeuroEM Therapeutics has developed a first-in-class, self-contained head device (the MemorEM™) to treat AD with electromagnetic waves – a therapy that we have pioneered and tested successfully in AD animal studies with no adverse events seen. Our novel, proprietary technology appears to directly affect the AD process to prevent and reverse memory impairment. The MemorEM head device, which allows for complete mobility during one-hour treatments “in home”, has been successfully used in NeuroEM’s recently-completed Pilot clinical trial that evaluated the safety and efficacy of Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment (TEMT) in Alzheimer’s patients. In view of its promising effects on memory in this clinical trial, TEMT could be an entirely new bioengineering-based intervention against AD.

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  • AD patients were given TEMT daily “in home” by their caregivers for two months
  • There were no undesirable behavioral effects, discomfort, physiologic changes, or tumor induction
  • TEMT produced clinically-significant improvement in multiple cognitive tasks, including the ADAS-cog
  • TEMT produced changes in AD markers in blood and CSF consistent with it affecting the Alzheimer’s disease process
  • In fMRI brain imaging, TEMT induced increases in functional connections between brain cells (neurons)
  • Conclusion: TEMT administration to AD subjects appears to be safe, while providing clinically-significant memory enhancement and evidence of disease modification

TEMT is an investigational device currently under development and not commercially available.

“An innovative company hits a target that no other company can hit,
but a disruptive company hits a target no other company can see”