Electromagnetic waves could actually stave off Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Could electromagnetic waves actually stave off Alzheimer’s disease symptoms? A clinical trial at USF completed the first step in helping them figure that out.

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New treatment for Alzheimer’s on the horizon

A new treatment for Alzheimer’s that doesn’t involve pharmaceuticals may be available soon.

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Small Trial Reverses a Year of Alzheimer’s Cognitive Decline in Just Two Months

That four point shift matches the sort of cognitive decline you might expect to see in Alzheimer’s patients over a year – so it was as if a year of the impact of Alzheimer’s on cognitive thinking had been rolled back in the space of just two months.


Alzheimer’s: Head device reduces memory loss in 7 out of 8 people

An open-label clinical trial working with eight people with Alzheimer’s disease concluded that a new wearable device that emits electromagnetic impulses was able to significantly improve memory loss in seven of these participants within 2 months.

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