Several years ago, NeuroEM Therapeutics completed development of its initial TEMT head device (the MemorEM 1000), which was designated as Non-Significant Risk (NSR) by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB). MemorEM 1000 head devices provided daily in-home TEMT to Alzheimer’s patients in the company’s recently-completed Phase I clinical trial. The design and details of this clinical trial can be attained by going to and entering the indicator number NCT 02958930 into the search window or by typing in “Alzheimer’s, electromagnetic”.

The focus of NeuroEM Therapeutics’ Phase I trial was firstly to confirm head device safety, although multiple AD measures of efficacy were also obtained. Total time to market commercialization including Phase II and Phase III testing is anticipated to be a relatively short 3+ years. Time-to-commercialization is dependent of the Company securing sufficient funding to complete its clinical development plans.

NeuroEM Therapeutics is a private company and, as such, does not publicly disclose its financial information.

NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc. is a Qualified Small Business for the Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program as Certified by the Arizona Commerce Authority. Investments may generate Arizona tax credits of up to 35 percent of the investment amount for qualified investors