Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a devastating disease of brain aging that causes progressive, severe memory loss. There is no effective “drug” to prevent or treat AD and we believe that it is unlikely that any will be developed in the near future. Therefore, other therapeutic interventions are desperately needed.

To meet this need, NeuroEM Therapeutics has developed a first-in-class, self-contained head device (the MemorEM 1000) to prevent and treat AD with electromagnetic waves – a therapy that we have pioneered and tested successfully in AD animal studies with no adverse events seen in the animals. Our novel, proprietary technology appears to directly affect the AD process to prevent and reverse memory loss. The MemorEM 1000 head device is currently in a Phase I clinical trial of safety and efficacy in Alzheimer’s patients.

TEMT is an investigational device currently under development and not commercially available.
  • In the news
    • 07/28/17
      Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Begins with Pioneering Medical Device
    • 12/08/16
      National Institutes of Health Bestows Grant to NeuroEM Therapeutics and Arizona State University for Collaborative Research in Alzheimer’s Disease
    • 11/23/16
      NeuroEM Therapeutic’s CEO provides keynote address at Australian conference on biologic effects of electromagnetic exposure
    • 05/02/16
      Angel Investment Forum Provides “Series Seed” Funding to NeuroEM Therapeutics to Support Development of Medical Device against Alzheimer’s Disease
    • 02/19/16
      NeuroEM Therapeutics Secures over Half Million Dollars in Funding to Perform Clinical Trial Testing It’s Medical Device for Alzheimer’s Disease
    • 01/04/16
      NeuroEM Therapeutics Receives Clinical Trial Approval to Test its Novel Head Device in Alzheimer’s Patients

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